Plan Think Sheet


Grade Level
This strategy can be used for any grade level, but for this example I used seventh grade content standards and objectives.

Curriculum Standards
RLA.O.7.2.4 use the five-step writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing) to generate topics, plan approaches, and develop expository and persuasive writing tasks:
  • compositions
  • brochures
  • display ads
  • commercials
  • speeches
  • poetry

from a prompt use the five-step writing process to develop a focused composition that contains specific, relevant details and vivid and precise words.

Description of Practices
-Student fill out a Plan Think Sheet where they identify their topic, who they are writing for, why they are writing, what they know, how they can group their ideas and how they will organize their ideas.
-This is a pre-writing strategy to help students brainstorm ideas and identify what they are going to write about.

Implementation Considerations
This strategy would be good in all settings. Keep in mind some students may need more scaffolding than others and need to get familiar with how to fill out the Plan Think Sheet.

This website has an example of a Plan Think Sheet and an Organization Think Sheet. The Organization Think Sheet is how they organize the Plan Think Sheet into a structure to begin writing.

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